December 2018 Update

Well where do I start! 

Its just about the end of the first week of December

which means only 2 weeks left before the boys and

girls get a well deserved break. 

But not before we get the final three boats for the

year out the door and make a start on next years list!

Logan is getting well through a Riverwild 480

running a Marine Power 6.2L Direct Injected engine

and a Scott 852 jet unit. This boat is about ready to

send for upholstery, road cover and trailer skirts

before we hand over to the client on the 20th.

Mark is just finishing off the wiring etc. on another

Riverwild 480 running a Hamilton 212 close coupled

to a ZZ4 Chev before delivery tomorrow.

Elizabeth is sorting out the last bits and pieces for a

new Highlander 470 with a 350 Chev and

Hamilton 773 from this clients old boat before we

hand it over on the 14th.

JP has finished Shotover Jets newest boat T12 and is just wrapping up the two beach trailers before delivery next week. He is now replacing the second skin and knocking some dents out a Dart River Safaris Fun Yak boat.

Elliot has just completed the repair of an older KeelowCraft hull for insurance and is now doing some service work before refitting this hull out later next week. 

Our latest employee Sam who will be starting an apprenticeship in the new year is busy building a new tandem trailer and helping out the rest of the team in this busy time leading up to Christmas! 

Mark and JP are heading to Queenstown on Monday to do the final hull tune on Shotover Jets T11 before it goes into service just in time for Christmas.

We have also in stock two low hour Kodiak 6L VVT engines that will be available in the new year for sale if any one is looking for an upgrade.

I also have a new CT525/LS3 crate engine available.

Give me a call if your interested in any of these engines.

I will give another update before our last day of the year in a couple of weeks.

Until then, Safe boating.

Paul Cross
KeelowCraft Boats
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