June 2018 Update

Hi guys,

Well winter has hit the South!

Heaters have been lit and we are settling in for a

couple of months of rain, frost, snow and sleet. But

the board is full and there is plenty to get on with!

The boys and girls have just finished a couple of

Riverwild's that are both heading to the North Island.

Ashley has just completed a nice little turn key

Riverwild 450 running a Direct Injected Kodiak LS3

engine close coupled to a Hamilton 212 jet unit. 


Logan has just finished another Riverwild 450 hull

heading to our dealer Ian Coleman. The hull

heading to Coleman Marine has been custom built

with a 12mm delta and 6mm outers and is to be

fitted with a LS1 engine and Flo Pro 3 stage jet unit.

Elliot has been flat out with several insurance jobs

and other general servicing etc.

JP is making great progress with Shotover Jet's latest fleet member T11.


Our newest returning boat builder Elizabeth is busy giving T7 its annual winter hull maintenance.

Plenty coming up here at KeelowCraft Boats with a couple of projects just being jigged down this week. 

Logan is making a start on another Riverwild 380, this one getting a Toyota 2AZ engine and Scott 751 jet unit.

Ashley is just finishing off a Riverwild 480 with CT525/LS3 engine and Hamilton 212 unit which is heading to a client in the USA before making a start later in the week on a Highlander 470 for a client in Central Otago.

The alloy for T12 has also arrived for Elizabeth and JP to make a start on next week.

We have also still been getting the demo boat in the water with a club run on the upper Mataura river a few weeks ago. Good to see 15 boats being utilized over the winter and 3 of our KeelowCraft clients getting amongst it!


Just a reminder that winter wont last for ever and to get your boat in for some pre spring servicing and maintenance. 

Just give Donna, Mark or myself a call to make an appointment.

Until next month, keep warm.

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