October 2018 Update

Hi there,

Well another month has flown by and we are so

close to summer now with the days getting longer

and hotter!

Great to see plenty of boats being used on the last

few Southland JBNZ club runs over the last 4 weeks.
Remember we not only build, service and repair

our own KeelowCraft jet boats we also service and

maintain most other makes and models out there!

So get those boats up to scratch today before its to

late as its only 10 weeks until Xmas!

We delivered the Riverwild 480 running the marine

Power 6LVVT/HJ212 to Cromwell 10 days ago and

this turned out to be a great package with another

happy customer. 

We hope to do a Testing Times boat test with

JBNZ on this boat in the coming weeks so look out

for this in the next few editions of the magazine. 

If your not a member of JBNZ, its a great way to share adventures and stories with like minded people and help us jet boaters retain there rights to use our rivers. This is getting tougher and the JBNZ executive do a fantastic job for us as members. The $150 a year to be a member helps fund this. Go to www.jetboatingnz.co.nz for more information.

Logan is now half way through his next build another Riverwild 480 this one running a customer supplied LS1 that has had some work and will be close coupled to a Hamilton 212 jet unit.

Mark has picked up the slack from Ashley leaving until we find a suitable replacement engineer. (If you know or are someone that finds what we do interesting and are looking for a change, get in contact with us!) He is close to having this customers new Riverwild 480 off the jig in the coming days. This boat is getting the customers supplied ZZ4 SBC close coupled to his HJ212.

JP is getting close to finishing the final bits and pieces on Shotover jets latest hull T12 This is to be delivered later this month along with a couple of new beach launching trailers Elliot has just built.

Liz has been busy doing maintenance jobs between helping JP with T12. She will be starting the fit out of a new Highlander 470 later this week. One of two that are due out before Xmas. The bath tubs were built up a couple of months ago and we have been waiting on our new and improved top deck to arrive from Fiberglass Innovations. The first is being fitted with the clients donor SBC350 engine and 773 jet unit. They have both had a facelift with new Hi Flow manifolds and Savage heat exchanger along with Flo Pro reverse bucket and trim nozzle. The second is getting a new 5.3L DI Kodiak and close coupled HJ212.

Elliot has also been busy servicing and repairing plenty of boats and has just finished replacing the side in a 3.2m Hydro for an insurance company. He has this morning just started the fit out on a customer supplied ECJ 460 Adventurer this boat is getting a new SBC SP383 and a close coupled HJ212 on one of our single axle trailers. this boat will be fitted out similar to our Highlander 470 spec ready in time for Xmas!

Good luck to the entrants of this years NZ jet boat marathon starting later this month. We won't be competing ourselves but there will be half a dozen KeelowCraft Challenger race hulls on the water. Callum McKenzie (CX70) will be flying the KeelowCraft flag in CX class so good luck guys!

On a sadder note it has been 1 year this month since we lost our good friend Duayne (Dweeb) Insley who was a great mate of all the KeelowCraft and jet boat racing families. This weekend we say good bye to him in a place he loved, Glenorchy and the Dart River. It will be great to catch up with some good friends having a couple of drinks and sharing stories. Sarah and I look forward to catching up with Deana, Dwayne and Gillian and friends for this.

Until next month keep safe and remember jet boating is a chance to relax and spend time with family and friends so we look forward to catching up on the River or Lake some time soon.

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