September 2018 Update

Hi guys,


Sorry for the delay in getting this months update

out! Busy times here still with plenty of Riverwild &

Commercial builds happening.

The Riverwild 480 Ashley has been building is

nearing completion with only the stone guard,

antiskid, rear seat upholstery, road cover and trailer

skirts to complete then we can run up and prepare

to hand over to the owners next weekend.
This is Ash's last boat build for KeelowCraft as he

has decided to move on after I think 15 years with

the company. (Good luck with your future

adventures Span).

The other Riverwild 480 Logan has been building is

all cleaned up and ready for the client to collect in

the next few weeks.

Logan is now moving on with the next RW480 for a

customer in Motueka. This one will be running a

customer supplied LS engine close coupled to a

HJ212 jet unit.

The little Riverwild 380 is up and running and ready to send North! This boat turned out to be a great package with the Toyota 2.4L and Scott 751 jet unit and lifted 4 adults easy with plenty of room to spare.

We also delivered Shotover Jet's newest vessel (T11) on Monday this week and I'm sure they are busy fitting out the engines and electronics ready for a busy summer.

JP is busy getting the next Shotover boat (T12) finished before we start the fitting of jet units etc. ready for delivery late next month.

Liz has been kept busy with plenty of other commercial repairs and upgrades in the last 4 weeks and Elliot has plenty of repairs and maintenance going on along with a couple of insurance jobs in between.

I have been on a few jet boat runs over the last 4 weeks and it is good to see between 30 - 40 boats out on the club runs.

I also had the chance to join the Hollyford Guided Walks team in taking their 2 vessels back into Martins Bay last week after having them both here over the winter for repairs. What an great place the Hollyford Valley is and we are so lucky to have this sort of country so assessable. Thanks to Hedgehog for inviting Geoff and myself to experience this.

Until next month, safe boating.

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